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    We are a creative software development company operating
    in the consumer and enterprise development space.
  • darkblurbg
    We are skilled system integrators.
    We specialise in large scale system implementation
    and integrations.
  • darkblurbg
    We are platform creators.
    We create and back-end services and expose them
    using the latest API standards and technologies.

Bespoke Development

When developing software is the last solution then we do not shy away from creating something re-usable.

System Integration

Integrating existing systems with either in-house or federated solutions that are off site.

Consulting Services

With many years experience in the development and implementation space we are more than happy to assist where we can.

We are Epinion

We provide an end to end solution where we can assist in the following disciplines:

  • Architecture and Business Management Consulting
  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • Software Development Consulting
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80 Reports / second
308 Integration Points
134 Back-end Services
24 Projects

Our Process

We execute based on proven methodologies and they are always
alligned to the customer culture and the profile of the project at hand.

  • Isolate Core Problem Statement

    Identify the core problem which is the driver for the potential solution.

  • Identify all unknowns

    Understand what the unknowns are in the possible solution and eliminate the uncertainty.

  • Design

    Design the solution space based on the core problem and unknowns.

  • SDLC

    Develop and test throughout the development life cycle and launch - repeat.

Our Promise

To understand the problem space and to find
best possible solution for the problem at hand.

Transparency in everything we do

Being transparent in what we do is at the top of our development and implementation strategy.

Dedicated Advanced Team

Our team has implemented large scale and small scale solutions and have extensive experience in what it takes to take a product to market.

We Do Things With Love

At the core of epinion we do not pretend to be anything other than what we are, we love developing software and take pride in the systems we put out there.


Projects do not happen in a perfectly controlled white room environment, therefore we are always cognisant of the time and resource constraints for any given project.

Coding to make the world better

We feel very strongly about what we put out there, so we make sure that whatever we work on will make a difference.

Stability and Scalability

Our solutions are mostly used by many clients and utilises large quantities of data. Therefore we always focus on scalability and stability through high availability strategies.